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How long is my ASME PC certification good before I have to renew.

ANDE Certifications for all NDE personnel expire every 5 years.  In order to maintain the ANDE certification for the individuals specified area in NDE, it is required that personnel remain actively engaged in the method for which certified.  This uninterrupted service is to be documented and maintained as part of the individual’s certification record.   If in the event and individual is not able to perform their NDE duties associated with their certification level during any 12-month (365-day) period, than their service is considered interrupted and it is required that the individual successfully complete a reduced scope practical demonstration to ensure continued proficiency prior to a further assignment to perform NDE.

Why is this different from other certification programs?

The ASME PC ANDE is different than other NDE programs.  The ANDE Program provides a new and unique approach to NDE qualification as compared to currently used national and international schemes and requires an Industry Sector Specific (SIS) committee to assure sector specific applications and issues are addressed.

  • It implements the most effective currently known elements, including:
  • Systematic Approach to Training (SAT)
  • Detailed Job Task Analysis (JTA)
  • Defining Experience Requirements (Qualification Cards)
  • Independent, psychometrically validated third-party written and practical qualification examinations

Current prescriptive on-the-job (OJT) training/experience does not provide performance measurement for meaningful learning opportunities, and, time based only methodology does not recognize training effectiveness and learning abilities.   Also, effective feedback when detecting and evaluating actual flaws is seldom provided since they are rarely encountered.

ASME PC’s ANDE Certification programs use of Qualification cards are used specifically to identify the essential elements of each task.  The Qualification Cards provides a process to demonstrate skills and proficiency at a specified performance level.  Accuracy and ability are key, not time.

Is this certification attached to a certain location?

No, ANDE travels with the individual that earned the certification. ANDE is not locked to a specific location or corporation.

If I have an ASNT certification do I have to have an ASME PC ANDE Certification?

No, there is no requirement that you must have one certification over the other. The ASME PC ANDE Certification gives the individual an option to pick the certification that best applies to their needs, skills and job requirements.

Since this is initially focused on Nuclear, when will the non-nuclear portion of the program be ready?

ANDE was developed in 2 phases, nuclear and non-nuclear. Presently ANDE is being released to the nuclear sector. The first group being offered the Certification test is Provisional Level III, by December of 2017, testing will be open to all levels in the nuclear field. ASME PC is planning the next phase of ANDE for the non-nuclear sectors now and is planning to release this sometime during the summer of 2018.

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