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Development Process

ASME PC offerings are developed in a consensus by volunteer committees, which are comprised of experts in industry, government, and academia, representing a balance of interests. These committees operate in a fully open and transparent manner, striving for practical and applicable approaches that support public safety and reflect industry best-practices. Offerings from these committees are subject to public review, and are responsive to industry and regulatory needs.

ANDE Acronyms

AE: Acoustic Emission Testion

AIA: Authorized Inspection Agency

ANDE: ASME American Society of Mechanical Engineers Nondestructive examination

ANSI: American National Standards Institute

ASME: American Society of Mechanical Engineers

BoK: Body of Knowledge

CB: Certification Body

DDA: Digital Detector Array

ET: Electromagnetic (Eddy Current) Testing

I&C: Instrumentation and Control

ISI: Inservice Inspection

JTA: Job Task Analysis

LT: Leak Testing

MT: Magnetic Particle Testing

NDE: Nondestructive Examination

NDI: Nondestructive Inspection

PSI: Preservice Inspection

PT: Liquid Penetration Testing

QA: Quality Assurance

QC: Quality Control

QC Civil: Civil Inspection

QC Elect: Electrical Inspection

QC Mech: Mechanical Inspection

QC Recpt: Receipt Inspection

QC Weld: Weld Inspection

RT: Radiographic Testing

SAT: Systematic Approach to Training

SIS: Specific Industry Sector

SME: Subject Matter Expert

TOFD: Time of Flight Diffraction

UT: Ultrasonic Testing

UV: Ultraviolet

VT: Visual Testing

Industries Where ANDE Can Be Used

ANDE can be used in a wide range of industrial activities, including the following:


Engine parts


Power plants
Reciprocating Engines
Gas turbine engines


Cover Meter
Maintenance, repair and operations


Machine partsCastings and Forgings
Fabrication Inspection

Industrial plants

Such as Nuclear, Petrochemical, Power, Refineries, Pulp and Paper, Fabrication shops

Mine processing

Mine processing and their Risk Based Inspection programs

Pressure vessels

Storage tanks
Heat exchangers

Turbine bores

In-plant Piping
Full Storage tank Assessment
Shutdown Inspections
In-service Equipment Inspections


In-line Inspection using "pigs"
Pipeline integrity management
Leak Detection
Pipeline Open Data Standard
ASME Pressure Vessel and Piping as-built Inspections
Piping and Pressure Vessel Corrosion Monitoring


Rail Inspection
Wheel Inspection


Tubular NDT, for Tubing material
Corrosion under insulation (CUI)
Amusement park rides
Submarines and other Naval warships
Wire Rope Testing for, Crane Wires, Mooring Wires, Rope-way Wires
Medical imaging applications (see also Medical physics)

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